Sunday, June 19, 2011

so far....

I know, its mid-June and I finally have my first post of 2011 on here. But its been one weird year, not to mention fast-moving! So what do I say after a long time not posting anything? Well, I'll explain in the following paragraphs. I'm not even sure who actually still reads this, so in a way I still feel like I'm talking to myself. Not many people I know are on blogger, so I'll just kind of let it all out.

For starters, back in January I almost got fired from SnS. Because of a lot of complaints going against me this was to be the last straw. My latest victim was a gal who apparently was the DD of a drunken loud group that said I was rude. Sure I was, but that was kind of the beginning of the end for me. Overall, I was showing signs of getting burned out of working overnights. I hated working 5 overnights in a row and 3 of those (Thursday, Friday, Saturday) were our busiest nights. Her complaint almost got me terminated, but since I have a cool boss, she just couldn't fire me. Instead, she put me on dayshifts and I was permanently banned from doing overnights. Truth be told I was very torn up about it bc I felt I had something taken away and it was an odd adjustment. It was like the feeling where you feel like the bad guy (or in this case, the bad girl) won. I should have seen it as a relief. Over time, I spent a lot of it rebuilding my reputation as a hard-worker and after going through a few people to take my place, I was back doing overnights again in March. I'm back to my old 5 night a week shift, and so far its taken a toll on me. Don't get me wrong, there's a lot of goods and a lot of bads about it. So that's my update about SnS.

I still got my radio show on Sunday nights (!), and I still sleep a lot over the day. I have also tried to attend as many concerts as I can. Around the time that incident happened in January, I attended Girl Talk at the Pageant. In two words: fantastic, awesome. In March, I went to see the legendary country/rockabilly singer Wanda Jackson. About a month later I got to see Chuck Berry (again) and this time I saw him where he does it best (at Blueberry Hill) and I even got to shake his hand. Unfortunately he wasn't up for taking pictures, but all went well either way.

Over a month ago, I went on a 3-day roadtrip (2nd year in a row) with my friend Anthony to Kansas City and Des Moines. We went to KC's Rockfest and the next day, Lazerfest in Iowa. It was fun, as I also got to hangout at some of KC's Westport nightclubs. In Iowa, I briefly went backstage and helped Anthony with a couple interviews: one with one of the guys of Theory of a Deadman, and the other with My Darkest Days. After the show, I walked backstage and met up with members of Rev Theory and Seether. On Memorial Day, I went to Ribfest in St. Louis. It was a big ripoff, but I did get to see .38 Special and Molly Hatchet perform.

This coming Wednesday, I'm planning on going to see Motley Crue and Poison! I also plan to go to U2 and Sade this summer, but haven't bought tickets yet. Of course, I don't plan to wait that long! Here's to a good summer.

I also have been losing weight the last two months, which I hope I'll get into in a later blog.