Thursday, August 27, 2009

plotting the lines

Last week I dreamt that was I was watching a movie. Then my alarm clock went off and I realized it was all a dream. I was very touched by this movie that was going on in my head, yet I didn't know where it all came from. So I wrote everything down on a piece of paper so I wouldn't forget. I usually forget my weird dreams as soon as I wake up.

So, I came up with a screenplay. And like I said, it will be very touching. I definitely think I can make a great film out of this. Which is why I'm considering investing in script-writing software soon. I know its not cheap, but it will be worth it. I was able to use FinalDraft at SIUE, but at my Florissant internship I used something better. I am almost finished with the overview, as well as character analysis.

What's it going to be about? It will be a chick flick, but I guarantee a lot of men will like it too because it exposes some things that they don't understand about women. No, I don't claim to be an expert. This is going by 100 percent of my observations. It will be a huge cast, mostly female. The female characters will be based on the ladies that have turned me down over the years because of (how I feel) the wrong reasons. In other words, I feel they have judged me for something they did not see inside me. All characters will be different, too. Oh yeah, and the ending will have a twist.

I do believe in this upcoming project, and I will work in the fullest. I'll stick to the saying 'Anything that's personal will sell'.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


As some of you may know I've been trying to watch a lot of movies and catch up on movie culture. And I've been keeping track of every one that I watch just to wonder how many movies an average person like myself can handle. 2 years ago I wrote a blog about how my list was at 200. My goal by the end of August was to get that number to 300. Well, it finally increased, in large part since I got out of school a year and a half ago. When I was in college, I didn't watch a lot of movies bc I felt I wasn't being productive. The only bad thing was I lost my touch and I was left out in conversations. But that's all changed now :)

What was the 300th movie that I watched? None other than 300. I know the movie is over two years old, but I've heard nothing but positive reviews about it. I'm trying to be very diverse in my movie-watching. I don't care how controversial, violent, or soft the movie is. I want to build a broad perspective on several themed movies. I wanted to test by what calendar decade of movies I watched the most:

1910s: 1
1920s: 1
1930s: 6
1940s: 1
1950s: 5
1960s: 12
1970s: 22
1980s: 63
1990s: 89
2000s: 101
(...and yes that number adds up to 300)

I thought it was very interesting that the most movies I watched came from the current decade...which is about to come to an end. I think its because of so many movies coming out and easier access to things these days. You may wonder why I watched more movies from the '30s than the 1910s, 1920s and 1940s combined. I believe that during that time it was Hollywood's Golden Age (with the help of TCM, and my mom's Shirley Temple movies). By the way, that lone film I saw from the 1940s was 'Casablanca'. I hope those numbers increase soon. My goal is to watch most of the Academy winners and watch all Top 100 AFI films.

Oldest movie I've seen: 'The Cheat' came out in 1915. Obviously a silent, it was one hour and six minutes long, but still qualifies as a movie

Newest movie I've seen: 'I Love You Man'. Sorry, I don't go to the movies as much anymore. It almost costs me $15 for crying out loud! On top of that, it comes out on Redbox three months later

If you wanna see my list, here's the link:

Saturday, August 22, 2009

attack of the nickelback

I know on my facebook status that I stated 'I didn't care too much for boy bands like Nickelback'. It's partly true. I like maybe a few of their songs every now and then. But I was very surprised last week when I heard the show was sold out (Nickelback along with Papa Roach, Saving Abel and someone else will be playing at Verizon tonight in St. L) because I found out from a manager at work, who was trying to do the $5 Subway thing. I know that they won't be the only band there, but I'm thinking maybe people are trying to get one last blast at Verizon before summer's over.

Like I said, I do like Nickelback a little bit and they did help put rock music back on the map and they have their own style. So why do I make fun of this band so much (along with everybody else)? I think its because I believe they are the poster children of today's corporate rock. What do I mean by that? As defined by my 40-something year old friend Darrell (who also defines Nickelback as a 'boy band'), it's pretty much music that is picked out by a fat guy in a suit and tie. As long as they have the tough guy looks and the guitar, it'll sell records. Or if they got a catchy name, it'll sell big. If it sounds the same as any other current rock band, they can care less. And then there's also the radio part. One of my favorite lyrical lines from Reel Big Fish: 'Radio plays what they want you to hear...tell me its cool I just don't believe it'. If its got the same hooks and sound like most of the bands have sounded like in the last 15 years, radio will play it. If it sounds the same as their previous song, they can care less. Ex: 'Someday' sounds like it could be the sequel to 'How You Remind Me'. I'm sure a little payola comes into play too.

I'm not saying people shouldn't like Nickelback, especially if singer Chad Kroeger has powerful vocals. And as mentioned, they have a little bit original sound. Some may argue with me there. But I respect them. And for a rock band to have 6 Top 10 Hot 100 hits this decade is kinda impressive. But, since we started playing music at Steak 'n Shake, I pretty much have to hear Nickelback every stinking night since we have to have it set to the Top 40/Pop satellite station. And I will admit whenever I hear the opening lines 'Never made it as a wiseman...', I quickly turn the radio dial in the car. But if they do get in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame before their fellow Canadians, Rush, I will rebel. Big Time.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Internet studies

It's what I get for subscribing (or 'following' in Twitter terms) to Tony Robbins' tweets. But he's a big inspirational guy who builds drive on people. {If you don't know who he is, he's the author of several bestselling books, most notably Unlimited Power, and he was in the movie Shallow Hal} He put out a couple links that of course got my attention. They're about how fast the Internet has become a part of our lives. I'll go ahead and share this one that I found very interesting. It's pretty much a fast-paced powerpoint presentation with stats set to music. I'm not saying I believe most of the results, as I know some were made up on the spot. But its pretty much for someone who wants to be an entrepreneur. I'd still give it few minutes of your time:
The other link was about an interesting web observation: it seems that ladies go for men who are, well, taken. When I was in a relationship years back, I was aware that a couple girls started liking me. So, this doesn't really surprise me. But I am surprised that, according to their studies, that men already in a tight romantic relationship make the women swoon. It might as well just say it takes more than just being yourself to impress the women. I believe, not just from personal experience, that this is because a lot of ladies feel easily creeped out these days. Maybe its the technology? Or they still fear online-dating sites? Or single guys like me try too hard (sorry, this relates to a conversation I had a club recently with a bunch of guys looking to dance with women)?
Here's the link to anyone who's interested:

Sunday, August 16, 2009

crue fest chronicles

Alright, here it is the anticipated blog of the week....psych! But I thought I'd write about my times at one of the most blooming rock concert festivals. Overall, it was awesome. Some of the bands I have previously seen-including Motley Crue. But it was well worth it. In fact, I took advantage of the Subway $5 deal, which cost me $16 in the end (included parking) plus at the venue I upgraded my seat for $10. Which made it $26. But oddly enough I guess, I spent almost as much on alcohol there as I did with my seat. But that's Verizon for you.

This was pretty much the day I like out of most of the year...which was pretty much enjoying the outdoor heat and listening and being loyal to most of the bands. I've become more open recently to the newer ones on the side stage. One major one to note: is Cavo, an up-and-coming band from StL! I was very naive at the fact that their current single 'Champagne' is at #2 on the Billboard Rock chart and in the top 10 on the Alternative chart. That same day (Tuesday) their major-label debut CD came out. Oh, by the way, we (WLCA 89.9) are not even playing it. I was scratching my head at this one too. I must admit its a very cool song and maybe it will help me get back to listening to current rock music. They did a great performance on the side stage. I wasn't crazy about Shram, though.

Then I caught Theory of a Deadman's performance on the mainstage. I was proud to see those guys get a huge viewing audience. I wasn't ever a fan of their music, but after meeting Tyler and the boys I'm glad they are getting a lot of attention. The same goes for Rev Theory, who I caught next at the side stage. I'm not sure if every band says this, but they did say that St. Louis was their greatest fanbase. I'm glad I got to catch them again and I hope they come around to StL soon. Afterwards, I got to catch up with Matt and a couple of the band members (BTW, Anthony (or Blaze), Matt wanted me to tell you hello).

I got to see Godsmack for the first time, and boy I was impressed by the way they got the crowd going. I didn't even realize I knew the words to most of their songs! These guys have come a long way from being just an Alice in Chains tribute band. They've had several #1 albums and a dozen hits since the start of this decade. Then Motley Crue hit the stage and did the whole 'Dr. Feelgood' LP in its entirety. Vince Neil informed us on every track, even saying "if you guys got the vinyl version, this is the end of side one...". But it was a cool performance. I was also satisfied that there was more Nikki Sixx and less Tommy Lee. I remember the last time I saw the Crue (4 yrs back) that Tommy Lee did a 20-minute drum solo on a stage hanging from the ceiling.

So, it was probably my last concert of the summer. But definitely not this year. I'm still considering Farm Aid, which will be in October. I think it will be the one where I get more bang for my buck. I'm also trying to squeeze in Six Flags into my busy schedule, but it's not likely happening :...(

Sunday, August 9, 2009

M.I.A. (or why I will not be found at my high school reunion)

Greetings, all! I just got word that my high school class will be having their 10-year reunion in exactly a year from now (8/14/2010). For some reason, it doesn't make me feel old. But I still can't believe its been 9 years since we all came together!

But unfortunately, unless I get a sudden change of heart, by no means I plan to go to the reunion. The following paragraphs are pretty much about me ranting, and it may sound depressing. I'm not trying to get anyone's sympathy. In other words, you'll hear a very personal side of me. So if you're interested, read on.

It's just that, I wasn't that close to my high school classmates. I did have a few friends plus a number of people I was cool with. But I didn't hang around with that many people outside of class. That all didn't take place until my college days. Needless to say, my college days I'll treasure 5X more than my h.s. days. I wasn't in any clique. I doubt if anyone will agree with me on this one, but to me it just seemed that my class was divided in two classes: the losers and the popular preps. I could define those in many ways, but it may offend some people. Many cliques weren't that accepting. So when I was at EHS, I couldn't wait to get out. I just wasn't feeling it.

Later in years, I have mended my ties with several classmates (thanks to the Internet), and one of my best friends happens to be Jeff Putnick (who I usually hang out with). Jeff pretty much shares the same opinion as me as far as the reunion. In high school, he was popular and at one point was elected to the homecoming court. But now he feels far behind in life and all his friends are gone. (By the way, Jeff refuses to be on these socialnet sites) I'm glad to say that some of my peers and I re-clicked here on Myspace and Facebook. Some have even taken the time to get to know me more.

Despite of my lack of interest in going, I do like to keep track on my peers from high school. I'm interested in what they're doing. I would be proud to know that they are doing stuff they love, whether its being a millionaire or raising a family already. I'm mostly shocked that some of my classmates married each other, while some got married early (no offense to some out there!). I do know of the 520+ people I graduated with, at least four are deceased (since graduation). If anyone really wants to know about me, I'll just tell 'em that I'm currently working on my personal and career change, which is true.

So, in other words, I've moved on from my high school days and peers. I am glad to say I get along good with most of them more than I have before, but there's still the majority of people that didn't care too much about me (therefore I didn't care about them at all). My grandfather once said, 'High school days are supposed to be the best days of your life'. But I must disagree. High school has always meant to be hell for most of us, as we learn to better ourselves afterwards.

Thanks for reading!

50 bands that I've seen....

{NOTE: I posted this on Facebook earlier today. Apologies if you weren't tagged! I do like the FB feature where you can tag certain people on 'notes', but I hate having to think of people to tag. So you're welcome to do the same :)}

OK, here are the rules. Test your memory and your love of live music by listing 50 artists or bands (or as many as you can remember) you've seen in concert. List the first 50 acts that come into your head. An act you saw at a festival and opening acts count, but only if you can't think of 50 other artists. Oh, and list the first concert you ever saw (you can remember that, can’t you)?

01. James Taylor (my first concert)
02. 3 Doors Down
03. Violent Femmes
04. Chuck Berry
05. Queens of the Stone Age
06. Aerosmith
07. Nine Inch Nails
08. They Might Be Giants
09. The Finn Brothers
10. Pet Shop Boys
11. Rush
12. Crosby, Stills & Nash
13. Steve Ewing (of the Urge)
14. Camper Van Beethoven
15. The English Beat
16. The Alarm
17. Gin Blossoms
18. Elvis Costello
19. Cyndi Lauper
20. Weird Al Yankovic
21. David Byrne (of Talking Heads)
22. Joan Jett
23. The Living End
24. Slayer
25. Sheryl Crow
26. Slipknot
27. Rob Zombie
28. System Of a Down
29. Incubus
30. The Distillers
31. Audioslave
32. Disturbed
33. Rev Theory
34. Theory of a Deadman
35. Hinder
36. Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers
37. Jane's Addiction
38. Shinedown
39. Filter
40. P.O.D.
41. INXS
42. The Fixx
43. Judas Priest
44. Black Sabbath
45. Local H
46. Chris Daughtry
47. The Electric Six
48. Elton John
49. Billy Joel
50. Motley Crue

...I know there's still a few I forgot, especially festival bands. In 3 days I will be able to add at least three more :)