Sunday, May 2, 2010


In the last week or two, what's been flooding the news is Arizona's new law on illegal immigrants. However, also clogging up the headlines now is the big oil spill that happened on the Gulf Coast. I enjoyed listening to conservatives expressing how they felt about what America stands for and what this means to our freedoms. Which brings me to think that this oil spill happened purposely. Think about it, this immigration law is a pretty awkward subject and the news (or lamestream media) doesn't want to shove it down our throats. So now all they talk about is the 130-mile oil spill. Yes, I think its devastating, especially unsafe and wasting so much that could be used on something else. As one pundit remarked, 'Oil spills will probably happen every 20 years or so, (the last major one happened near Alaska in '89).

The illegal immigrants issue has been drawn to my attention for over 3 years ever since then-President Bush gave his speech against it. I've heard views from Arizonans, as well as people who lived in Houston, who have dealt with illegals. There are plenty of ways to solve this problem. One may think that the best way to deal with it is amnesty. But who are we kidding here? Yes, I understand why Mexicans want to cross our border and thats simply because they want freedom, and they want to feed their families. But there's a high cost involved. People pay taxes, and they should too. They need to go by our laws. Other words, its our way or the highway. Its all about fairness.

So far, so many left-wing groups have attacked those who have tried to help prevent this, whether it be policemen or Arizona/Southern politicians. Racist? Okay, that is one thing they will always make an issue. These are the same people who think diversity is more important than anything. I don't care what color, race, religion, or what language you speak. If you don't have citizenship status and you're living here, I hope you get sent home where you belong until you learn responsibility.

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  1. Couldn't agree with you more. The left-wing loves to label everything as racist, even if that has nothing to do with the issue. It just so happens that Mexicans (or other Hispanic people) will be the target of this particular effort due to Arizona's close proximity to Mexico, but that doesn't mean other persons here illegally won't also be nabbed by this law.