Saturday, December 19, 2009

my top 10 songs of 2009

Alright, this is something I do every year on my Myspace blog, but I figure I'll go ahead and list it on here as well. As most of you may know, I do try to keep on the current music trends and songs. After all, as a self-proclaimed musicologist and dj, I gotta keep up! After hearing the Black Eye Peas say over and over tonight's gonna be a good night or hearing Lady Gaga's same-old 2 songs over and over (and they both sounded the same), it wasn't easy listening. Luckily I was able to find 10 songs that I never managed to get sick of. Check it out:

1. 'Empire State of Mind'-Jay Z and Alicia Keys. Great jam from the current master of hiphop.
2. 'Notion'-Kings of Leon. Okay, so I'm cheating (it came out last year), but still a good jam from my favorite current band
3. 'Know Your Enemy'-Green Day. Most of Green Day's songs sound the same, but this one actually rocks.
4. 'Check My Brain'-Alice in Chains. Great comeback song. Their Layne Staley days are definitely behind them, for now....
5. 'Dont Trust Me'-3oh3
6. 'Good Girls Go Bad'-Cobra Starship. I've never been a fan of emo or pop-punk, but something weird happened. It seemed that the above 2 bands actually mixed a little 'glam rock' in their music. Not only these songs were catchy, it actually shows that as long as you gotta catchy riff or line, you can make it happen. And on top of that, these 2 bands actually showed a little personality compared to FOB and all the others
7. 'Day and Night'-Kid Cudi. Great club song; never gets old
8. 'Rehab'-Rihanna. For some reason, I now get all the divas confused.
9. 'Hotel Room Service'-Pitbull. This one's another great jam, turn this baby UP!!!
and lastly...
10. 'No You Girls'-Franz Ferdinand. Like Green Day, these guys from Europe have their own recycled sound, but actually sounding good! Keep up the good work gang!

And there you have it. Next up: my top 50 songs of this decade

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