Friday, January 8, 2010

first blog of the decade, and 2010!

Its been one chilling (literally) week so far in 2010. I would have gotten this blog out sooner but I've been sick since the day after Christmas. Sorry, this cold, frigid weather has gotten the best of me so far. In the last ten days, I don't think it has ever gotten higher than 15 degrees. Yesterday we had snow, and its always my least favorite time of the year because, well, I have to drive on it. Of course, it could be a lot worse as it could have been ice galore! I'm just sick of standing outside in 12-degree weather and my throat is just burning. For at least a year, I would like to live in a place where its sunny weather all year long with no cooler change in the weather. I recently read in Sarah Palin's autobio that during her early Alaskan days, she would go jogging leisurely in -10 degree weather. With shorts. Okay, 'nuff ranting!

2010 will definitely be a great big change for me. I know, I say that about every year. If I were to make a New Years Resolution, I would not start right at January 1st. Instead, I will sort out a plan and start it on some random day. Last year, my resolution was to attend as many shows as I could. And boy did I! I'm keeping that resolution this year, too. I've already thought up some goals, and what I would do pros and cons-wise. I'll let you know soon what it is.

On a side note, I'm happy to say my 'other' writing career has finally taken off. Back in October, one of my best friends Josh introduced me to a site called eHow. Its basically a website (obviously) on where people submit How-to articles. Sometimes they get paid for them. I haven't really made much, but I'm glad that people are starting to regularly look at my articles. For those that subscribe (or the word I hate the most, 'follow') to my tweets or statuses, you probably noticed that 'Jason Voigt has published the article.....'. So yes, that means everytime I update or post an article, its there. I hope someday, or by the end of the year (as part of my goal), I would like to make great passive income from that site. If you would like me to tell you more about that site, I would gladly love to show you. I will not make a penny for recommending you, so its not one of those, multi-level marketing or pyramid scheme things. Pretty much I'm at the point right now where me and other members are helping each other out with publicity.

So, there you have it. My first blog of the decade. By the way, when I celebrated the ball dropping for 2010, I was at the same place where I heard the ball drop for the new millennium. Point is, if I'm still at work celebrating the beginning of 2020, I want all of you to bring your guns and blow me to bits. Happy decade and happy 2010, yall!

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