Sunday, January 31, 2010

Am I supposed to care about Leno or Conan?

The most dominating entertainment topic in the last 3 weeks (besides Tiger Woods) is the heated rivalry between two late-night talk giants. I'll try to be short, sweet, fair, etc. In short, I was never really a fan of late-night talk. Letterman's okay, but his recent behavior the last two years has not really made me like him anymore. The two NBC guys, Leno and Conan (or as Facebook fans call him 'Coco' for some weird reason) are men who I don't really find that funny. Nothing personal-wise, but just their ways with humor. Leno is just predictable and without the band he's nothing.

Don't get me wrong, I think Leno and Conan are hard-working showbiz men. They both paid their dues to make their dreams possible in tv comedy. In fact, just recently I watched an old rerun of 'Laverne and Shirley' and a then-unknown Leno was a guest star on that show. Conan on the other hand has written for a lot of shows, most notably SNL and the Simpsons.

Overall I don't waste a lot of time with television. I spend so much time here on the web to get my info. I do watch TV when I want to see what movies are playing or any good show I watched when I was little. I also like to get my news and political commentary reports on Fox News. Sometimes I turn on PMSNBC to see what people on the other side of the political spectrum are saying. Hell, I even watch RFD-TV just because its more relaxing. Otherwise, I don't have time to devote catching up on all the current series. (Although I do like watching Degrassi sometimes...) Is it just me, or is television running out of ideas putting out one-word shows like House, Heroes, Lost, and Bones? Just wondering.

Oh, and cheers to Conan O'Brien for actually making a surprise appearance in my hometown of Edwardsville when he made an appearance at the local Dairy Queen. He apparently was filming a promo spot for 'The Tonight Show' in St. Louis that day and what he was doing in The Ville was beyond me

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