Friday, February 19, 2010

checking in....again!

I've totally slacked on blogging more than ever! Maybe I'm just lazy, although I've had a lot of things go on the last 3 weeks. Starting with the death of my great aunt Phyllis. After a long battle with lung cancer, she succumbed on February 2nd. Me and my folks took a trek to Hutchinson, Kansas, and it was one of the biggest celebrations of life I've ever been to. Or I can say it was the most emotional funeral I've ever attended. My Aunt Phyllis was always a helpful person who was always there for people. How she raised four children and took care of 30 foster children (from time to time) is way beyond me. I've heard people say so many good things about her, and her husband even said a few emotional words. Phyllis was diagnosed with lung cancer in Summer of '08 and fought quite a battle. And no, she never smoked a cigarette in her life.

A lot of whirlwinds have been going on at the workplace, too, and weather-wise! It seems that over here in the StL area that it snows every weekend. I missed my radio show the last two times: one because of the weather and the other because I was getting back from Kansas. There has been alot of drama going at work, but luckily I wasn't involved. There's just been a lot of terminations and for me, numerous schedule changes. Sometimes I just wish I didn't make bad choices in the beginning. But I'm ready to turn my career back around. You just wait and see.

Last Saturday, me and Anthony went to Mardi Gras on Soulard. It was the very first time I actually went down and celebrated. It's no wonder St. Louis is the second Mardi Gras capital. Yes, I had an excellent time! I definitely can't wait for next year. It was quite a day filled with booze, beads, (another b-word inserted here hee hee), and pretty much just everyone having a good time. No complaining, and everyone was there enjoying themselves. It was a happy atmosphere, with a few 'crazies' here and there.

I have been kind of shying away from social networking sites lately. It's just that I've been getting bored with Myspace (finally) and Twitter. I was at one point addicted to Twitter last summer, but for some reason I've become a hermit on there. Facebook is still the place to be for me, so I guess I'll enjoy it while I can. I've also been trying to drum up ideas for eHow. I've also been following the news and politics. Just 9 months away until a possible table turn in Congress. Congratulations to my friend Jason Plummer for winning the Republican candidacy for Illinois Lieutenant Governor! I'm still surprised that he won a 7-way race, and most of those people were twice his age, guessed it....they were from Chicago! I hope people in Southern IL band together and kick those corrupt Chicagoans out and teach 'em a lesson.

Catch you all later!

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