Thursday, March 12, 2009

I gots me a twitter. Now what?!

I'm now the latest to join in on an Internet craze. Yep, I'm a follower! I'll go ahead and give off a checklist to see what I've done so far on the web.

Myspace. Check it everyday. Don't do much as I used to on there.

Facebook. Check it everyday.

Youtube. Check the number of hits I get. Haven't put up anything new lately.

Classmates. Have it, but verrrrrrrrrrrrrrry rarrrrrely check it.

Hi5. Have it, but same applies for

Blogger. I'm still getting started. This is also where I'm posting my blogs at.

And now my twitter at

Problem is, whats there to do besides writing down what you're doing? Is it just posting your status? If that's the case, then why do I even bother? Where does it get more exciting from there? These are just some of the questions that come into my mind. Oh, yeah, why the goofy name? Why not put two words together like myspace and facebook did, rather than make up some weirdo name like google.

Sorry to hear me rant on this one folks, but I just want to know what the big deal is with twitter. When I went to see Ralph Nader speak last year, he responded to the web socialnet craze by asking "Why do we have to know where all of our friends are every 20 minutes?". I may actually find this one interesting as this trend passes.

But meanwhile if you have a twitter, follow me and I will follow up.

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