Tuesday, March 10, 2009

stl radio loses a longtime jock

As I was reading the Post earlier today, it got my attention on Page 5 that 'Mark Klose among victims of layoffs at Emmis Radio'. I mean, I know we're in a bad economy right now and in radio there is no job security, but this kind of thing surprises me. (As I was reading the comments on stltoday.com, a lot of people thought JC Corcoran should have got canned lol) But this guy has been on the air for close to 30 years. Klose did the afternoon drive on K-hits 96. I remember meeting him and working with him when I interned at Emmis back in '02. Like all the radio veterans, he was cool to be around as he can tell a great story.

So is this the beginning? The beginning of what we'll probably see a lot of layoffs and downsizing in good ol' radio? We shall see. I remember last year talking to Amanda Valentine (who some of us know works in Rochester, NY radio) and she said that a classic rock station (similar to KSHE) up there took a big hit when their big 3 disc jockeys (again, similar to KSHEs Favazz, U-man, and Katy Kruze) got fired all in one day. In other words, things could be worse.

But on the other hand, if they still want to hire someone who's aspiring and if they don't want to pay a lot of money, I'm always looking for work on-air (hint...hint). Not just me, of course (!), but some of my fellow radio alumni......

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