Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Edwardsville jokes

This is a collection of one liners taken from the facebook group 'You know you're from the 'ville when...'. Several people have contributed new ones and memories on the posts. I put them all together, weeded out the useless, and even added some of my own on here. Enjoy and get ready to laugh your arse.


...you have ever questioned why the town nickname is E-ville, the high schools colors are orange and black, and why Halloween is the biggest celebrated holliday in town (noticing a trend?)
...summer officially starts with the Bonifest! (and ends with the Glenfest)
...you complain about getting out of the 'ville and yet you either come back often or you go to SIUE.
...when you drive through town you continuously wonder if there exists anywhere in town where there is not any construction
...if you did go away for college you have trouble getting people to understand the 'twin city' concept that is Edwardsville and Glen Carbon
...you know that the cool thing about living in Edwardsville is that if there is no traffic or construction (ha!) that you really are about 20 minutes from everything
...you never understood how a school who's color is purple is our biggest rival
...you ever did the 'historical walk' downtown in grade school
...you get frustrated when you tell people that Edwardsville is east of St. Louis and they continuously think that you live in East St. Louis
...you hung out at Cottonwood Skate Corral as a kid
...you went to the fire station open house when you were little and have a shirt of every color from it
...until you were about 9 you thought that the only 'beach' was Holiday Shores
...you would get lost in Esic, even if you lived there
...you remember a time before Showplace 12 but then you wonder how you watched so many movies at Cottonwood
...you can't figure out how the high school was so good with sports and academics and the district is so unorganized
...you remember when N.O. Nelson was K-6 and not a campus and Woodland was a Junior High (and you still can't remember what N.O. stands for)
...you spent many evenings (and some weekend afternoons) at Sacred Grounds
...up until you were in high school you got really excited when the Bonifest came to town
...you know that Glik's and R.P. Lumber originated in the Edwarsville area
...if Preach ever flashed you his badge and threatened to arrest you
...you remember always seeing the can man and maybe even gave him one
...even though you never went bowling you miss seeing Montclaire
...you ever put soap in the fountain or you knew who did
...you look up to Laurie Metcalf and Mannie Jackson because "they're one of us"
...you never knew that LeClaire was actually once a town.
...you remember when all the strip malls in E'Ville and G.C. were farmland (and still wishing it was that way)
...you're automatically on the team if your last name is Allaria, Bevis and/or Dougherty
...after football games, there was always Imo's
...when you played put-put where there is now a Lowe's. When the Moose was where Home depot is now, and raced go carts, where there is now LOWES!
...Montclaire Madness after 10 pm on Fridays was pretty much amazing.
...when there were more than 20 people at Tropical Sno on a friday nightWhat about when there was nothing to do
...(like always) so the only hang out place was Taco Bell....because everyone was always there!
...when the word " 'ville" can only mean one thing... and no, no other lesser -villes such as Collinsville or Belleville. Once, I asked a few people who lived in Collinsville and Belleville if they referred to their city as the 'ville. They had no idea what I was talking about. It's true.
...when 5% of your graduating class gets arrested and thrown in jail for 8-15 hrs for underage drinking out in the middle of nowhere
...while being far away at school get so annoyed with trying to explained to people that you like right outside of stl, but in another state...so, you just start saying "around stl"
...when you still call the road that goes inbetween the movies and governers parkway (plum) the "new road"
...you remember Granny's Rocker, and when a big-name band (like Quiet Riot) comes around the whole parking lot is packed; also the Granny Fanny contest
...you also remember the following places: Rax (before it was Arby's), Bonanza (where Rally's is now), Zipp's (before it was Rally's), PK's, Catfish Heaven and Marko's Fish (where the bank is now), Walgreens (before it was Deals), Lion's Choice (or what I call, Last Chance), K-mart (now Kohl's), the Montclaire Bowling alley, the Bargain Barn (or center), Whistle Stop, National Food store, Yonika's, Ben Franklin's, Dog n' suds, the Flaming Pit, the Grainery, Rusty's, Manhattan's, Papa K's, Laverne's furniture, Little Professor, and definitely the A&W Root Beer Stand
...you know Route 66 passes through Edwardsville
...people from Alton, Granite, and Collinsville think you're a snob
...you once watched movies/shows at the Wildey!
...you consider the cow atop Edwardsville Frozen Foods an icon
...you remember the movies 'Stingray' and 'The Lucky Ones' were filmed in E'ville
...an inch of snow gets you out of school and/or sometimes Hightower's bad judgements
...the Draw an Ad contest for the intelligencer was a big event when you were little
...you thought the Stephenson House was a fraternity house
...you ate at least once at the old Schwartz lunch counter (and can't believe its now an art gallery!)
...you get really irritated when out-of-towners call Township Park 'airplane park'
...at the old high school, you always went to either Convenient and/or A&W
...you were confused whether or not to feed the ducks at Leclaire Lake.
...you remember the state baseball championships
...you rented movies from C&M Video, Mr. Video, and Treasure Trove on Main St. (not knowing there was also a porn shop in the back...)
...you were considered rich if you lived in Ginger Creek and at one time, Dunlap Lake
...you practiced soccer in the fields which are now Dierberg's, Red Robin, Buffalo Wild Wings, etc...
...you explain to others why you trick-or-treat the night before Halloween
...you remember Center Grove Road was a rural road
...THE TEACHERS: ...the old rumor that Ms. Beckett used to be a Playboy bunny
...that Mr. Zupanci and the Hopkins brothers looked like Papa Smurf
...you didn't know Mrs. Beal was a pom pon instructor
...you never knew who Joe Lucco was
...your dad argued with Mr. Gregor
...you know definitely Mr. Pyle does not like to lose
...you had Mr. Becker (history) as a teacher and thought he was cool until the scandal broke out
...every one of your older siblings (and maybe your parents) had Mr. Freymuth
...you fell asleep once in Mr. McCarty's class
...and lastly, you complain about the traffic, the taxes, and cost of living, but never think about raising your children everywhere else!

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  1. Great list - this truly sums up Edwardsville. I can't think of anything you missed, though I only lived there five years. When I had kids, I definitely thought about "raising my children elsewhere." So I left.

    Thanks for the laughs.