Wednesday, May 13, 2009

First Amendment and so-called professional journalism

It's not every year that we have some pageant girl (no matter which one, although its usually Miss America), but no other one besides Miss South Carolina (2 or 3 years ago) has gotten the media blitz until Miss Cali USA spoke her mind. And she's gotten investigated by the far-left media just for saying 'I believe marriage should be between a man and a woman'. She was asked that question by the judges, I'm sure mainly because in the last six months that has been the big issue that has probably divided more Californians. I wrote a blog on it months ago, saying Prop 8 was probably more important than the 08 Presidential Election.

Everyone's opinions are their own, definitely. I myself are torn; probably I believe it should be up to the people. There have been so many protests all over the country and even celebrities are blaming certain religions and groups for the passing of Prop 8. But even more shockingly, I believe, is that Keith Olbermann (whom I'm surprised is not in a mental hospital yet...) was pretty much trashing her and putting down all the people in WWII who fought for the first amendment. Video: So pretty much the mainstream media is divided on here too. Donald Trump let her keep her crown, luckily. Obama probably would have made the same statement too. Even Miss Cali USA, Carrie Prejean, even defended her comments, saying that so many people became obsessed and all the hateful media started digging up dirt on her, like risque modeling pictures from years ago. Come on now, so what she was just trying to make some extra money and if she's got the looks and talent, let her show her stuff. Nudity is one thing, though. I won't even be surprised, if half those girls representing their states have had a 'mysterious' past.

So cheers to Miss Cali USA for utilizing the First Amendment and of course the people that stood by her. And jeers to all left-wing media, especially MSNBC. It's no wonder that you guys are always last in ratings every week. And your network counterpart NBC was 4th place this season.

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