Wednesday, February 11, 2009

honest baseball = pasttime thing

About a year and a half ago, I blogged about this similar subject. Like you, you're probably sick of hearing about several fallen sports heroes. But of course, this is nothing new as this has happened for decades. Unfortunately, we're still in the 'steroid era' where we find so many baseball players breaking some of the hottest records left. Now A-Rod (or A-Roid) admits to doing it for 2 years. He took it like a man (I guess...), and went on tv and apologized and admitted it was stupid for taking 'roids. There are a lot of cheaters in baseball, but we also still have our decent players (let's hear it for our own Albert Pujols!).

And getting off topic, I do accept Michael Phelps public apology when a picture of him doing it out of a bong was shared with the public. Last year my little nephews had somebody new to look up to during the Olympics. Last week, Phelps admitted to doing it, lost his sponsorships, etc. The reason I do accept it is that he admitted it was wrong, and he didn't use excuses nor did he blame anybody else. We all do stupid things. I'm not saying what he did was ok; after all, smoking marijuana is one of the worst choices a human can make. I've seen more unsuccessful stories for those I know that do the illegal drug. And also, steroids and illegal enhancers are much worse since those are drugs to help the sportsman cheat.

As I've said before, baseball is an American symbol, so please, cheaters, don't terrorize it. Thanks.

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