Wednesday, February 4, 2009

To anyone who actually does this '25 random things' note (on Facebook)

I know I shouldn't be criticizing such thing since I'm already guilty of doing it. However, I've only done it on here and Myspace and not facebook. I've already stated that I believe more and more people of all ages are using facebook. This also includes employers and people who you probably look up to. One reason why I didn't post it on FB was because there's selected people who deserve to know my personal life. I don't think I should advertise it to the world. In other words, I don't give too much information away. It's the person's business whether they want to post lingerie party pictures (talk about fresh eye candy for us guys woohoo!) or times where they are intoxicated. But not me.

So to anyone who posts and tags that '25 random things' note on Facebook, I would like to recommend the following article:

The article talks many good points. We Americans take our freedom for granted. While we're playing scrabble on facebook, someone in Egypt is trying to promote democracy using Facebook. So please, use wisely!

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