Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Best Buy needs to get their stuff together

Here's 2 blogs today....My mom has been wanting a bigger and better tv for a while (bc everybody else has one lol), but she didn't know which was best until she found a good one in a Best Buy ad. So, me, my parents and my sister's family (my brother-in-law's the techie guy) go to Best Buy that day to pick it up. (I forget the name and model. But I do know its 50" and its HD!) We figure they're advertising it, and they probably have plenty on stock, right? Plus its good timing, since that HD transition will take place this month.

So, we're there (the one in Edwardsville) and we see the tv on the shelf along with its ticket. Then my mom walks up to this kid in the classic blue Best Buy shirt (who reminded me of that dorky Simpsons character who has a squeaky-deep voice and has bad acne) and suddenly the kid says "We have none in stock". We're like, you're kidding, right? We're all confused, of course. "But you're advertising this in your ad and now you're telling us you don't have it?". Then the dorky kid is like, "Oh, heck no, we haven't had those kinds since November". And remember, this is January. So, needless to say, we were all disgusted with this false advertising and stuff, so we leave the store. The kid even told us we couldn't get them anywhere in the Midwest, not even Chicago. I wish I knew how many people were pi**ed off by this. Even those guys in the yellow shirts by the exit door who pretend to be friendly even said, "Hope you come back!". We ignored them.

This is not to slanderize Best Buy. I think they have great electronics, especially for a loyal Sony buyer like myself. I will always buy their Blu Rays and very, very rarely, their cds. But come on now, why put people on? Apparently, my brother-in-law has had a beef with the company for a year now. And he's been going there for years until recently. I would really hate to see this company go to the toilet like their former competitor, Circuit City. Speaking of which, I've already been to their closeout sales, as I was able to spend half-price on all Blu Rays. Can u dig it?

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