Tuesday, April 14, 2009

for the love of cow

If you were to choose between ice cream and cheese (as foods you would have to give up), what would it be? Most people said ice cream, mostly because with cheese, there's over 1000 things to do with it. Same goes for ice cream, but there's other sweet things we can rot our teeth with. With me being lactose intolerant, I can only eat as much ice cream serving as a Jr. Blizzard anyway. And some types of cheese don't bother me.

But I've pondering for the longest time while working at S'n S about America's obsession with cheese. Okay maybe not America, but teenyboppers, college kids, drunk people, whatever. I must have had at least 30 orders in a row with at least one side of cheese sauce. This was right after midnight, where all the kids come out. It's mostly the ladies that get it. Sometimes I think maybe they're trying to be hip by getting cheese fries or that's just the first thing they think of when they think of eating late. But I've worked during the noon and evening shifts as well and we get several orders of cheese fries. Our cheese sauce is good, but I've had better.

When my friend Marc was still working there a year 1/2 ago, we had this conversation about people who love cheese so much. As a philosopher/thinker/people observer, he came up with a theory on why people are hooked on cheese sauce. He believed that there is something that passes down from the mother to their child (I guess, in genetics terms, or dna, whatever), that secretly lies in the dairy part. It's the kind of secret stuff that makes humans wanting more and more. But remember, this is just a theory. It sounds about right though!

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