Tuesday, April 21, 2009

some of my favorite blogs

I thought I'd share some of my favorite blogs that I usually read every week from people, mostly famous.

Charlie Daniels. Yes, that Charlie Daniels. If you're 18 y/o, you're probably thinking oh yeah that devil went down to georgia guy! I played it on Guitar Hero! Whatever. This man definitely knows his stuff in addition to his musical talents. On his website or his soapbox (charliedanielssoapbox.com), he writes a column every 3 or 4 days and gives us updates on his thoughts. Its mostly politics, traditional American life, music business (sometimes), and just about anything. It may, however, offend people that voted for Obama as Charlie does show alot of feelings against Obama, Nancy Pelosi's and Harry Reid's policies. He also talks about how America is slipping on traditional values, and such. The man is 72 y/o and always contributes his two cents on society. How this man takes the time to write blogs, perform, tour, and raise a farm is way beyond me. One of my friends that lived in Nashville used to work at Books-a-Million and she claimed that Mr. Daniels spent a lot of time reading there. She even got to meet Charlie! And by the way, he definitely hates Guitar Hero especially after they misrepresented his signature song. You can also check out his blogs at his myspace page.

Another one of my favorites is Bill O'Reilly. I know, he's a controversial figure (especially for those who actually watch Keith Olbermann and that psychopath Rachel Maddow). But his blogs are very fair and balanced. You may call me crazy, but he admits he's not a perfect human being and he's liberal on a lot of issues. Remember, if you got the #1 talk show, you gotta be as great as possible, and stick to your advertisers guns. So that's why a lot of people think Bill O'Reilly is a jerk. Available at billoreilly.com.I also keep up with the music scene with Chart Beat at Billboard.com. It pretty much details what the most popular songs are and who's got new songs and albums coming out. Where else would you find news about Al Green debuting at No. 88 on the R&B chart? Or be introduced to new people like Lady Gaga? Unfortunately, the original guy who did Chart Beat, Fred Bronson was displaced a month ago and left behind a great legacy. Bronson was the guy who also authored several music-type books.

So, there you have it. Check them out! Let me know what you like.

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