Tuesday, January 6, 2009

best and worsts of 2008

I guess you can call this an 'annual' thing. Since I did this the last 2 years, I figure oh what the hey. But I thought I'd share my thoughts about this ever-"change"ing year. I plan on writing about how much has changed during this calendar year, so stay tuned. Before I get ahead of myself, here's my favorite tunes of '08:

"Handlebars"-Flobots *-The song sounds like the melody was written by a 10-year old, but this one sticks with you for a long time. I don't know what it is, maybe the humor. My favorite lyric: "I can lead this nation with a microphone..."
"Mercy"-Duffy *-The next Amy Winehouse? I think so.
"Disturbia"-Rihanna. *-I never thought I would ever like any of this gal's music, but since she's unstoppingly putting out songs, I've gotta admit this is a cool bar/club song.
"So What"-Pink *-From someone who redefined what a female popstar is supposed to be (about the music cough cough). Great message too.
"Violet Hill"-Coldplay
"Stop and Stare"-OneRepublic *-Yeah, I know. I've said I'm not a fan of adult alternative/river music, but I really dig OneRepublic.
"Paper Planes"-M.I.A.
"American Boy"-Estelle & Kanye West *-Disco comeback! And of course, Kanye, musically.
"No Air"-Jordin Sparks & Chris Brown *-Not a fan of Chris Brown's (he's not a popstar, people!), but I do love the song and if it wasn't Jordin Sparks, this song would not be on the list. It's a good song to stay in your head throughout your workshift.

And my worst songs of '08. Believe me, this list would be longer, but to be safe I narrowed it to five:
"I Kissed a Girl"-Katy Perry *-I still don't know why people thought of this as the 'ultimate summer tune'. I was very offended by the song, even if she was just kidding. Look, I understand that for most men, female bisexuality is the new fantasy, but come on now. Sheesh.
"Whatever You Like"-T.I.
"Leavin'"-Jessie McCartney
"Bleeding Love"-Leona Lewis *-I haven't heard all of Leona's album, but I think maybe this was a wrong single choice. I do think she has a great voice, but I'd rather hear a better tune out of her.
"Sorry"-Buckcherry *-The ultimate fake band.

I'm still having mixed feelings over Kid Rock's summer jam, "All Summer Long". I really dug the story about how the summer of '89 was also fun for him, and it had a great country-rap beat to it. But I understand that a lot of people don't like that he borrowed 'Sweet Home Alabama' and 'Werewolves of London'. I'm a fence-sitter on this issue.

I've also discovered some great bands this year, besides the Flobots and Kings of Leon, but also Vampire Weekend and Be Your Own Pet (although they're now disbanded).

Now, onto the movies:
My movie going experience is still slim, but I am back to renting them. Honestly, I don't have a favorite movie that came out this year (although Beer For My Horses was good). The Dark Knight, I thought was overhyped, and too violent for young aspiring Batman fans. Good story, though. Wall-E was a bit too critically acclaimed, but again, good story.

My favorite moments:
-Well, not a particular one, but I was introduced to a great opportunity. I hope to share it with you guys soon...! First, I gotta make it happen!
-Probably since I had less challenges than ever before (since it was my first non-academic full calendar year), my life got a little less exciting. But I am in the process of turning that around.
-But I have a new laptop, and it'll def. keep me busy! I know there's good times ahead. There were some great concerts that came into place. Not too long ago, I got to hang out with Rev Theory and posed with Hinder (Thanks again, Anthony!).

But my worst moment of 2008 happened on my decade anniversary at S'n S. I know I've brought this up before, but this does sometimes still haunt me. I don't have any regrets about what I did, but it taught me there is a difference between speaking my mind and speaking it at the wrong place, wrong time. Other than that, life is okay for me at work.

So, here's to a great 2009!!!!

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