Sunday, January 25, 2009

'people you may know' feature is ANNOYING

I've been watching closely the last couple years about how Myspace and Facebook have been competing with each other. At first, it was Facebook that was copying all of Myspace's features, now it seems its the other way around. As far as I know Myspace still rules as the social networking champ, but Facebook is creeping on (ah) up to be No. 1. It just seems that many people I know are on there more than here (Myspace). I'm on both sites bc I know people that still use this site regularly and not Facebook.

But getting on to what I'm about to talk about: I believe it was almost a year ago when fb introduced the 'people you may know' tool, and Myspace soon followed. I must say I thought it was cool at first, but it gets very annoying. Its just that I'd rather call it 'People Who I Don't Want To Know' or 'People I Forgot To Add But I Should Anyway...'. I know I'm sounding blunt, but some of these people who show up on the list are those that I didn't add for a reason. These are people who are either high school/college classmates I didn't care too much for (some didn't give me the time of day), or radio students that I never added as well as former co-workers or just random people I don't know but 3 or more of my 'friends' know. Even if I click on the 'Don't show this again' or 'X' button, they usually come back. Even 2 people who have deleted me from their lists show up. Sometimes I don't like to be reminded of these people. But then again, you sometimes can't help on seeing how they're doing (although 80% of the time their profile's on private!).

But I do understand that fb and myspace are trying to be helpful. I'm comfortable with having 200 friends, and for now that's enough for me. I used to treat it as a poplularity contest, but not any more as I see people who claim to know 600 people. I'd rather keep tabs on people who I want to keep tabs on. Thanks for viewing!

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