Saturday, January 17, 2009

Bobby Jindal = GOP's next hope?

This is the first of a series of 3 political-type blogs I hope to put in before Obama gets sworn in. I also hope to write one about Bush's future legacy and what I hope to expect from Obama.

So I write this because the last couple years, the Republican party has taken a big swipe, or however way you want to put it. The Democrats seem to be in full control of the government, so right now most right-wingers are in hiding. But look at it this way, everything runs its course, and the dems felt this way five years ago. It takes a big event or something to change people's minds and opinions. I'm def. not the first to admit that no one can trust the mainstream media now. I do believe that every news organization can be biased. But I also believe everyone has the right to know what's going on, and that's what will always make things controversial.

I partly agree with a lot of people that Sarah Palin was totally hit hard from the press. But I also look at it this way: six months ago, no one from outside of Alaska knew who she was. And maybe because she was a seemingly overnight sensation, the news media dug up so much about her. I do believe everyone has the right to know her positives and negatives. I liked her because she was very different from a lot of people in the GOP. No, not because she's a woman, but she brought a young generation look, and she spoke about the traditional conservative values. She wasn't afraid to speak out about guns and our troops. Sure, she had some weird quotes (hockey mom, anyone?), but she was a very inspirational figure for both men and women.

But despite of all this, I have my doubts that she will be President in 2012. I do believe she alienated a lot of people, including those in the GOP, for different reasons. I've heard just about every right-wing pundit say she will probably be on the Republican ticket next election. The first words that came out of Rush Limbaugh's mouth when asked by Barbara Walters who will be the next hope for the Republican party were 'Sarah Palin'.

I think there are quite a few that are keeping a low profile, but the one candidate that sticks out in my mind is Bobby Jindal. He is currently the governor of Louisiana. He is arguably one of the most-respected in his party, and the older GOP office-holders are begging him to run. Jindal has openly stated that he is currently not interested in running for the White House, but maybe in the future. So why do I like him? It's not because of his race (he is Indian-American), but he is definitely one of the brightest people I've heard speak. He's already been interviewed on Fox News many times. And did I mention he's only 37? But this man definitely has a clear picture of what's going on in this country and the man sounds prepared.

So, I thought I'd share what I think the GOP should get done while the Dems are shaping our path. It's never too early for Palin to brush up on her experience as well as foreign policy.

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