Tuesday, July 7, 2009

a growing concert trend

And that's bands (mostly classic) playing an entire album live. This summer sees Judas Priest and Motley Crue performing their classic albums live in concert. Just recently, when I saw Aerosmith perform almost a month ago I mentioned they played their classic album 'Toys In The Attic' from start to finish (minus 'You See Me Crying'). I honestly doubt it was a thrill for half the people who were there, but for me it was quite a thrill seeing all songs being played live in person. After all, I grew up listening to Toys in the Attic. And on top of all that, all original members (as it was back in 1975, although Whitford was not shown) having been there to perform them all was a good sight. If I do go to Crue Fest this year, I'll probably see Vince Neil and crew perform their '83 LP Girls, Girls, Girls. I can honestly say I don't really like much of the music off it, except for the title track and 'Wildside'. But its also been said they might play the Dr. Feelgood album in honor of its success and its 20th anniversary. There are plenty of other acts who are following in on this 'albums in their entirety live' trend. It was believed to have been started by Roger Waters and one of the other guys from Pink Floyd when they played the entire album of 'Dark Side of the Moon' in the right order from first to last at the Hard Rock Cafe, years ago.

So is this a good or a bad thing? I'll leave the debates open. It's too bad we'll never see Sgt. Pepper or Abbey Road done live (and obviously not Thriller!) since all four Beatles have played a part on both albums. I would love to see Supertramp perform the entirety of their 1979 'Breakfast In America' lp. But the chances of that happening are......

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