Saturday, July 25, 2009

what's next for concerts

Well, it's sad to say that summer is about a month over but there is still time to have fun and utilize it. The only things I haven't done yet to complete it is go to a Cards game and go to Six Flags. The game will wait next year, unless we do good in the playoffs and so forth :). Congrats to our newest team member Matt Holliday, by the way! I think its safe to say we are the most dangerous team in baseball now. But let's not get cocky; anything could happen.

For this year, I'm very disappointed that a lot of 80s acts (especially ones that I play) have not come to St. Louis. I'm aware its a down economy, but still. I have been going to several shows lately, or just a few. And before the year is over, I've got a few in mind.

-In case you haven't heard me advertise this yet, They Might Be Giants will be at the Pageant on October 9, which will be on a Friday (apologies if I said anything different before). Yes I do plan on being there, and hopefully I can sweet talk Mr. Lemons into anything beyond that. The reason I say this is because our station (WLCA 89.9) along with KDHX are the sponsors for this event. I believe this is the first show we've ever done or brought to the community, and with our growing ties to Joe Edwards (Blueberry HIll and Pageant owner) hopefully more shows will be in store down the road.

Oh yes, TMBG kick great posterior in concert, as I got to see them 3 or 4 years back. They did the whole 'Fingertips' song :)

-Crue Fest. I'm going with Anthony and his group this year. I've seen the Crue I guess 4 years ago. I seriously thought it would be the last time they would ever get together (given they all don't get along). But it's now looking like this will be an annual thing. Godsmack (love their early stuff) and my boys Theory of a Deadman will also be there. I had a chance to meet Tyler (vocals) last winter and he's a really cool guy.

-Farm Aid. It was announced last week that Neil Young, John Cougar Mellencamp and ol' Willie will bring their project to St. L in October. I think it will be a cool thing to experience. After all, I was partly raised in the rural life, since my grandparents owned a huge farm. I think Farm Aid is one of the greatest charities out there, especially if Willie Nelson has been fighting against factory farms. But I also gotta think ahead in the time frame. It will be October and without a doubt the weather will get cooler.

I actually thought about going to Warped Tour this year. It will be on the first of August, so I'm def. unsure. It's usually an easy decision, since I only care about a few bands. I actually really dig 3OH3! as they will be there. But I also believe that their song 'Don't Trust Me' will make them one-hit wonders as that song will be uneasy to top off. Shooter Jennings (?) will also make an appearance. I have no idea why (lol)

I wanted to go to the Reel Big Fish/English Beat show on August 13. I normally don't like to ask off work that much (limit twice a month) so I may have to skip out on this one. I really don't care for ska music but I love most of Reel Big Fish's music especially their signature song 'Sell Out' as it attacks the music industry. As mentioned before, I've been a longtime fan of The English Beat as I got to see them the last two years at casinos and they finally have a decent touring partner this year.

If U2 does decide to add a St. Louis date, I'm definitely there. 2 shows in Chicago (or, Blagoland/Obamaland), seriously? Shyeah

If any more I'm interested in or if you want to invite me to a show, holler at me

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