Sunday, July 26, 2009

Is Myspace, like, dead or something?

...or am I tripping on something? Unfortunately I have noticed that this socialnet site is becoming more of a cyber ghost town. There's two different views on that. 1) People who have simply deleted their profile and crossed over to facebook and/or 2) People who have a Myspace page and have left it idle for a while.

I'll give you an example. There's a guy who was on here all the time two years ago, but I just visited his Myspace page and he hasn't logged in since last October. I know he's still alive, because he updates his FB and his twitter daily. I don't know what this means, but apparently FB is becoming the king. I also have noticed that its the same old people sending out bulletins (remember those? lol). I'm not saying its bad, but I just never imagined the day where bulletins 5 days old would still show up on the 10-panel bulletin board. I don't really care how big my 'friends' list is anymore, since so many people have either a) deleted me or b) removed their profile.

If you look on my page, at the very top (after my blog links) I wrote a note back in April stating that I don't check Myspace very often as much as I used to. But I do like to see what's going on with my fellow peers and I like to see if anyone has commented and if anyone has sent me any requests. And anyone is still welcome too. I still write blogs on here as long as I still have my readers. I thank everyone of you who takes the time to read and/or comment on these. This is pretty much my way of telling you my updated thoughts and happenings and such. And yes, I read every comment! I don't update my profile page or settings and html that much, unless something major has happened.

While I'm at it, I guess I'll go ahead and share my social networking history. Back in March '05, I first joined Facebook. If anyone remembers, that was back when it was only a year old and it was exclusive to college students. Needless to say, I felt special. People thought FB was going to hell when high school students were allowed on there, and eventually the entire public. A few months after I joined FB, I was introduced to Myspace from my fellow radio students who couldn't get on FB. I fell more into the Myspace craze for the longest time (about 3 years?) but its now strange to say that Facebook has become my social networking home as I spend more time on there than on here. I think its because just about everyone I know from all ages is on there. One of my best friends, Josh, just signed on to Myspace about a month ago after years of refusing to go on these socialnet sites (although at one point he was on To me, he's a late bloomer. This leads to my next and last topic of this blog:

I'll go ahead and share my two cents about why Myspace is becoming, well, a ghost town (at least in my view). Several of us know that Myspace has been very slow to respond to spam, phishing and of course, those friend requests we get from women who wear lingerie and spread for us. I've only had that happen on Facebook once, but it hasn't happened in a long time. I know that has turned a lot of people away. To me, I usually ignore these kind of things, and I can definitely understand why people get tired of seeing spam and too much weird advertising.

As mentioned in an earlier blog, I've always liked to see the race between Myspace and Facebook on how many features they put on here. It seems today that Facebook is way ahead of the game as Myspace desparately imitates such features as the annoying 'People You May Know' and 'Mafia' and 'Music'. And speaking of music, one of my friends recently cut his ties with Myspace, because according to him, his favorite bands quit updating their material. I can see where that can be a big turnoff, too.

I remember reading a couple months ago when Tom Anderson stepped down as CEO of Myspace, giving it to someone else after Facebook finally took the lead as the #1 socialnet site. We all should have seen this one coming. Overall, please don't get the wrong idea. I'm not knocking Myspace. I think its still a great useful site to keep up with your pals and acquaintances. I just felt like speaking my mind on here, that's all. I've found a different home. Let me know your thoughts.

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