Saturday, August 22, 2009

attack of the nickelback

I know on my facebook status that I stated 'I didn't care too much for boy bands like Nickelback'. It's partly true. I like maybe a few of their songs every now and then. But I was very surprised last week when I heard the show was sold out (Nickelback along with Papa Roach, Saving Abel and someone else will be playing at Verizon tonight in St. L) because I found out from a manager at work, who was trying to do the $5 Subway thing. I know that they won't be the only band there, but I'm thinking maybe people are trying to get one last blast at Verizon before summer's over.

Like I said, I do like Nickelback a little bit and they did help put rock music back on the map and they have their own style. So why do I make fun of this band so much (along with everybody else)? I think its because I believe they are the poster children of today's corporate rock. What do I mean by that? As defined by my 40-something year old friend Darrell (who also defines Nickelback as a 'boy band'), it's pretty much music that is picked out by a fat guy in a suit and tie. As long as they have the tough guy looks and the guitar, it'll sell records. Or if they got a catchy name, it'll sell big. If it sounds the same as any other current rock band, they can care less. And then there's also the radio part. One of my favorite lyrical lines from Reel Big Fish: 'Radio plays what they want you to hear...tell me its cool I just don't believe it'. If its got the same hooks and sound like most of the bands have sounded like in the last 15 years, radio will play it. If it sounds the same as their previous song, they can care less. Ex: 'Someday' sounds like it could be the sequel to 'How You Remind Me'. I'm sure a little payola comes into play too.

I'm not saying people shouldn't like Nickelback, especially if singer Chad Kroeger has powerful vocals. And as mentioned, they have a little bit original sound. Some may argue with me there. But I respect them. And for a rock band to have 6 Top 10 Hot 100 hits this decade is kinda impressive. But, since we started playing music at Steak 'n Shake, I pretty much have to hear Nickelback every stinking night since we have to have it set to the Top 40/Pop satellite station. And I will admit whenever I hear the opening lines 'Never made it as a wiseman...', I quickly turn the radio dial in the car. But if they do get in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame before their fellow Canadians, Rush, I will rebel. Big Time.

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