Thursday, August 20, 2009

Internet studies

It's what I get for subscribing (or 'following' in Twitter terms) to Tony Robbins' tweets. But he's a big inspirational guy who builds drive on people. {If you don't know who he is, he's the author of several bestselling books, most notably Unlimited Power, and he was in the movie Shallow Hal} He put out a couple links that of course got my attention. They're about how fast the Internet has become a part of our lives. I'll go ahead and share this one that I found very interesting. It's pretty much a fast-paced powerpoint presentation with stats set to music. I'm not saying I believe most of the results, as I know some were made up on the spot. But its pretty much for someone who wants to be an entrepreneur. I'd still give it few minutes of your time:
The other link was about an interesting web observation: it seems that ladies go for men who are, well, taken. When I was in a relationship years back, I was aware that a couple girls started liking me. So, this doesn't really surprise me. But I am surprised that, according to their studies, that men already in a tight romantic relationship make the women swoon. It might as well just say it takes more than just being yourself to impress the women. I believe, not just from personal experience, that this is because a lot of ladies feel easily creeped out these days. Maybe its the technology? Or they still fear online-dating sites? Or single guys like me try too hard (sorry, this relates to a conversation I had a club recently with a bunch of guys looking to dance with women)?
Here's the link to anyone who's interested:

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