Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Beatlemania strikes again!

Most of us know that today is 9/9/9 or in Beatles terms: number 9, number 9, number 9....

You've heard it advertised everywhere. The Beatles have now put their name on a video game franchise. I'm not a fan of video games, but I do hope that the Beatles Rock Band Edition will extend their influential lives on this generation. While Paul and Ringo are still around, it will give them a chance to see what it was really like to be in a 'real band'. And with them also releasing their re-mastered catalog of titles on 09/09/09, its very fitting. (By the way, according to most sources, this will be the last day we will experience a single-digit date altogether. It won't happen until January 1, 2101.)

I've had at least 3 Facebook friends ask on their statuses what their favorite Beatles songs are. So I thought I'd share my favorite Beatles songs for the first time, along with why I like them. These are mostly the songs I never grow tired of. Following are my 'bottom 5' or my 'least favorite' Beatles songs. Since the White Album is my favorite Beatles lp, I did not include any of the songs that are off it.

These are not ranked in any order.

1. 'She's a Woman'. Gotta love this early tune. It combines the New Orleans and skiffle grooves.

2. 'Eleanor Rigby'. Me and this song go way back. I memorized the lyrics to this song for a poetry assignment in the 7th grade. Needless to say, I won great points with my English teacher....

3. 'Across The Universe'. I admit I never heard the 'real' version, but as for now, Phil Spector's version stands beautiful in my mind...

4. 'Day Tripper'. One of the best guitar hooks in a Beatles song. Also see down below for best 'covers'

5. 'And I Love Her'. Very smooth, slow paced romantic song, sung very well by Paul

6. 'Nowhere Man'. Very random song, which happens to be catchy. It was also the first Beatles song that was not about love and relationships.

7. 'Hello Goodbye' My favorite #1 hit from the Beatles.

8. 'This Boy' My favorite straight-up vocal song by the Beatles, which was done pre-1964, most notably on the Ed Sullivan show.

9. 'Getting Better'. Tied with 'Good Morning' as my favorite Sgt. Pepper's song, its always a good reminder that things do tend to get better all the time

10. 'Things We Said Today'. It just sounds different from a lot of their '65-'66 work. But awesome song.

My bottom 5:

1. 'Free As A Bird'
2. 'Real Love'
It's just not the same without the Fab Four in the studio all at once. Sure, it was the case in their later years, but at least they sounded like they came from that time. But these two songs (which John Lennon recorded on a tape recorder) just sound oh-so-bland and even Paul's voice doesn't help. The Beatles music belongs from 1970 to before.

3. 'Hey Jude'. Sorry, I just think the song is too long, too overplayed. I know that the song was intended to be about Julian Lennon adjusting to his parents divorce, but still...

4. 'Twist and Shout'. Its just that the song is too weak. I do admit, however, the song only sounded good in the movie 'Ferris Bueller's Day Off' with everyone dancing to it. But in general, no.

5. 'I'm Only Sleeping'. Just an annoying song.

Cool Beatles covers:

1. 'Day Tripper'-Jimi Hendrix Experience. This is found on his 'BBC Sessions' album. It's a rocking good version that sounds as great as the original.

2. 'Got To Get You Into My Life'-Earth, Wind & Fire. As performed by them in the disaster movie 'Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band', Maurice White and the gang give the song a fresh new R&B life.

3. 'Come Together'-Aerosmith. Another song off the 'Sgt. Pepper's movie soundtrack', Steven Tyler actually pulls it off well in this cover.

4. 'With a Little Help From My Friends'-Joe Cocker. We all know this as the theme to the Wonder Years, but the whole song (including guitar solos by Jimmy Page) is just phenomenal.

5. 'Helter Skelter'-U2. Bono gives this song a fresh edge to this.

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