Wednesday, June 17, 2009

2015 according to Back to the Future II

Since I'm on a roll with this movie thing, I might as well write another movie-related blog. Another franchise that I am/was obsessed with is Back to the Future. The one I watch the most is the second one, which came out in 1989. Even though the story line throughout the movie is weak compared to BTTF I and III, for some reason I guess its the special effects and the story at the beginning that grabs me. The film takes place in 1985, then to 2015, and 1955. So '89 is out of the question.

Probably the most interesting is what the writers and producers thought what would be there in 2015. Remember, this was 1988/89, not even 25 years to that year. Obviously, today we're almost halfway done with 2009, so 2015 is only 5 1/2 years away.

So let's take a look at what is seen during the 2015 scenes:

-Hoverboards. According to the FAQ portion on the dvd set, these are not real and these are waiting to be invented.

-Flying cars (or supersonic jets). Apparently these are supposed to take care of the cars that we drive everyday. I remember asking someone this back in '01 (if these things would exist by '15), and he said "Hell no, the way we're going...". You would think by now GM (especially if its now 60% owned by us...) would plan on something like this. But I can dream can I?

-Weather prediction devices. I'm not sure what Doc was using to predict the exact weather.

-3D signs replacing just plain signs. Ex: the Jaws one and the Mayor Goldie Wilson one.

-Doors with no knobs. Who would think of this one? I forgot how they could open in the movie. Perhaps mind control?

-TVs with more than 2 channels seen at the same time. This was tried a decade ago with those 'picture-in-picture' tvs and these did not sell very well. Obviously, they've been pulled from the market.

-Fax machines in every room in the house. Looks fun, don't it? Just don't tell your wife you've been fired.

-Voice command stuff. In the kitchen/dinner scene, you can hear most of the characters verbally requesting different items.

These are just a few observations that I made about what to expect in the year 2015. I also really dug the automatic drying jacket as well as the automatic velcro shoes. And of course, the Cafe 80s. But will any of those exist 5 1/2 years from now? We've got some crunch time to do!

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