Wednesday, June 17, 2009

what? Ghostbusters 3?

I happen to stumble across this one after doing research on Harold Ramis and Bill Murray (you can watch some of their movies on for FREE, yes free) on imdb. I was once obsessed with Ghostbusters when I was young after I bought a Ghostbusters trivia book at a yard sale. I still watch the movies time to time, and the original just came out on BluRay yesterday. I dreamed of a reunion back in the early '90s, having a new Ghostbusters movie while the 4 exterminators were still young. It would have made perfect sense to do this back in '94, which would have been 10 years after the original and 5 after GII. But I know about reunions, as people have to stop in the middle of what they're doing to make it happen.

According to imdb, the second sequel is due to come out in 2012. So that's 3 years from now. Will it be the summer blockbuster? Will Egon, Peter, Ray and that other guy show their age? Will there be a great story line or will it suck? Will Sigourney Weaver return as Dana Barrett? If Jack Black DOES appear in this movie, will it make the franchise go downhill?

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