Thursday, June 11, 2009

the rain, Aerosmith, and other things...

So as most of you may know already, I finally got to see Aerosmith last night! It was an exciting time yet kind of odd, too. They've come to St. Louis several times, but yet I kept missing my chance. I remember in 6th grade ('93) they came out with Stone Temple Pilots and I was too young. I've been listening to Aerosmith since about that time when I remember my sister buying their old Greatest Hits. I soon turned to Toys in the Attic and their earliest stuff as well as their then-current material like Get a Grip. Since then, off and on, I continue to listen to them.

Speaking of Toys In The Attic, I heard on KSHE (on the way over there) from Favazz that they were going to play the whole album front to back. That's exactly what Steve Tyler and crew did later on. The only exception being the last track 'You See Me Crying' but I understand they were trying to hurry through since they were on a time schedule thrown off from the rain delay. I felt honored to hear Tyler say 'We haven't played most of these songs in several, several years so check this sh*t out!'. We were also the first to hear an upcoming song with Joe Perry on vocals. They managed to sneak in their 80s 90s stuff but mostly their 70s classics, which was alright with me. In fact, the most recent stuff they did was 'Livin' on the Edge' and 'Cryin'. I honestly don't like very much of their post-Get a Grip material, with the exception of some of their Honkin' On Bobo material. The rain delay (because of the storm) was not so fun, simply bc everyone was panicked and most people were encouraged to go to their cars and sit. It was almost an hour and a half's wait and finally by 10:30 Aerosmith hit the stage.

Opening act was 3 Doors Down. They were okay, and they performed just about every song that I've heard of from them. I'm sure they've done better shows. In fact I remember when they toured with Breaking Benjamin 4 years ago. Aerosmith's regular touring partner this summer is ZZ Top for 90% of it. I believe ZZ Top would've been 10 times better than 3DD, since they are well-known for their performances and tours. But 3DD was I guess better than no opening act.

A lot of you may wonder why I've been going to several concerts this year. Well, maybe not several, but big ones. One of my new years resolutions was to go to as many shows I can, as long as I can afford it. I know there's several great concerts this summer and I definitely don't wanna miss out like I usually do. These rock stars aren't getting any younger, and only time will tell when they'll ever tour together again. I've only been to Billy Joel/Elton John, CSN and Aerosmith so far this year. My sister and her husband are talking about going to Coldplay and possibly U2 this year so I might save up for those.

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